Best Games On Steam Deck Reddit What are the "best" games to play on the Steam Deck? Got my confirmation and ordered my Steam Deck last Thursday so should have it sometime next week. Top 10 Best Steam Deck Games You MUST PLAY In 2023. Best Wii U era games to play on Steam Deck? : r/SteamDeck. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are all I'd want it to play. The best racing game that the Deck is able to run is Forza Horizon 5. A few situations can be tough to clear. Dolphin emulation and Wii/Gamecube users: For those wanting to play games like Mario Galaxy comfortably on Steam Deck, I found a really nice config that you can just drop in and start enjoying. List your favorite games that run 60 fps on the steam deck. 8BitDo Pro 2 - arguably the best D-pad, has gyro. It’s easy to set up via xCloud. Makes all the sports games look amazing. Every single guide I've seen on the matter explicitly tells you to disconnect the battery. The Top 10 Most-Played Games On Steam Deck: August 2023 Edition. Use 30 fps if your still above 15 w. It’s pretty much the only game that I’ve been playing since day 1. GFN is pretty much the best streaming service on the internet. Moonlight works a lot better than remote play over wifi, and moonlight is …. This is NOT a competition for absolute best performance. ET and, as one of Steam’s biggest discount sessions, it covers a ton of best-selling indie and AAA games, like Dead Cells and Sekiro’s GOTY edition. State of Decay was fairly well-received for its cocktail of gameplay styles and makes for a good horror game to play on Steam Deck. xsangfroid • 512GB - Q1 • 2 yr. The Witcher 3 overworld goes on so seamlessly that tempts players to explore its map from end-to-end with missions taking a backseat. Comments Jump to: The no-brainers. The big play with Steam Deck is the Steam ecosystem. The Best Steam Deck Games In 2023 To Take With You Anywhere. 8BitDo Lite 2 or Gulikit Elves Pro - Small form factor controllers for portability. The steamdeck version seems to have some things different and seems to give your tips and prompts using the controller bunds on the steamdeck. Oh look for a dominion- thought that might take creative googling. I played FO4 and Cyberpunk streamed to my cellphone with a controller. Some goofy games ypu might like are Super Bunny Man, and Human: Fall Flat. The Steam Deck has a resolution of 1280 by 800 and a size of 7 inch. Monster Hunter World playable on Steam Deck : r/SteamDeck. Single Screen: This will only show the primary display and not the secondary. It’s approachable, great for all ages, and has simple (though attractive) graphics that won’t tax the Deck’s battery life. During reassembly, insert the SSD at a shallow angle into its board connector, and secure it back into its horizontal position with the SSD screw. It's a great game and runs so smooth on the Deck. ago Spider-man is my #1 so far. Witcher 3 low settings run 60 fps easy, medium settings around 50-60 fps. Hundreds of games run on Steam Deck, but these dozen make the most of the portable, handheld PC. Any Bethesda game (Fallout or Elder Scrolls) same control tweak for Fallout for focused shooting. If you're willing to branch out of Steam Verified status, you might want to try some of these too, or just keep an eye on them if/when they get the verified stamp: Grand Theft Auto 5. While the Yakuza Remastered Collection is definitely a string of games worth. On the first tab Applications, click Add application. If you don't find an answer there. 5 my game Moving In is finally going early access!. There's a video on Youtube showing how to do it with AC Valhalla, for instance, and it runs remarkably well. All Ubisoft games, from original Rayman and original Price of Persia to the newest game, you can just install Ubisoft launcher and play all. I haven't played it on my steam deck since before the new launcher came out. The Steam icon would run something through Duckstation, while EmulationStation ran Beetle. A lot of people probably missed that and colosseum so the deck is a great opportunity to play them. My lack of gaming opportunities was bothering me so I bought a Steam Deck for my hour-long train ride to an from work. What are some of the best management games on the deck? : r. Noita, stardew valley, dirt, 100% orange juice, dead cells, slay the spire, inscryption and many more but try out Noita rly good roguelike game. It fully supports steam input too. I played and loved: Skyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, DSR, and Witcher 3 on my Switch lite. My favorites games on Deck are: Stardew Valley. Elden Ring - 300’ish Hours (still on first playthrough) GWENT: The Witcher Card Game - 200’ish Hours (this is my crack) Elder Scrolls Online - 175 Hours (on pause atm while I play Elden Ring) I have played both GWENT and ESO on other platforms, so the times above is just since getting my Steam Deck a few months ago. The 3d versions are absolutely wild to play. A Guide to Getting Games for Steam Deck : r/SteamDeck. If you'd rather kick your feet up in your favorite leather chair leaning back with a pillow behind your head, then you should probably get a steam deck. Start on low settings 60 fps increase settings if you have W to spare. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game Settings for Steam Deck. Steam Deck for emulation, indies, older AAA titles and stuff I missed, an occasional AAA game if I value portability over visuals for that particular game (stuff like Monster Hunter, RTS/Strategy, and JRPGs) Switch for Nintendo first party. Most Linux people are fine doing a few tweaks. Best car/racing game for Steam Deck? : r/SteamDeck. So basically, if you hold it further than 40 cm. Yes, you can play World of Warcraft on it. Hi u/JhonzoBall2, you can click here to search for your question. There is no in-game difference in frame rates or graphics quality between the three models. ) Run the Steam Link on quest 2 and connect it to the steam deck (or any machine running steam) as instructed. ABXY have uses such as opening different menus or pausing or backing out of menus. Pretty old school I know, but City of Heroes is one of the few games my spouse plays. exe as "non steam game" and, in the option, check "compatibility mode". there is software that you can use to play remote (can't remember the name of it). Make sure it's on a FAT32 USB drive, and connect it to the deck VIA a USB hub or a dock. 5 (I know it's on pc but you have to deal with epic bullshit), windwaker hd. Install the UbisoftConnect launcher through Lutris, then set a custom install path for your games when installing them--I. Steam Deck underrated/overlooked gems? : r/SteamDeck. The Steam Deck is incredible for indies and Rogue-lites. Remote play options found in Settings - Remote Play - Enable Advanced Client Options. From docking stations and monitors to grip cases and screen protectors, we've rounded up the best Steam Deck. Steam deck for strategy games? : r/SteamDeck. This is an issue that isn't specific to the Deck. There might be even more solutions. Also there’s a mod to change to the better touch keyboard. While the Steam Deck is still relatively new. My PS5 is connected via ethernet and I've had little input lag and stuttering. Really cool game that balances risk / reward really well. Lets setup World of Warcraft on the Steam Deck and have a console UI so you can play WoW and Wrath of the Lick King anywhereConsole Port Add-onhttps://www. Aya Neo, GPD and One X player probably most trusted and experience alternative steam deck. Though your process for loading a game is way more complex than it needs to be. Once the next switch comes out and it can play NBA 2K on ultra settings, you bet I'd stick to that. The best tabletop RPG is Cardhunter. exe as a non-Steam game and run it. SanDisk Extreme Pro – 400GB - $67. It has a menu with toggles for Airplane Mode. Persona 5 God of War Portal 2 Marvel's Spider-Man No Man's Sky Stray Uncharted Collection I've reviewed this list over the past few months, and I'm still …. You know, it’s pretty cool that there are two quite relaxing, but suddenly stress-inducing fishing games at the moment. But PS2 remasters are probably okay for the most part. Steam Games That Kept Us Hooked: 2012 to 2023 Most Played Games. Add the roms as you normally would. Depending on how you name the Diablo 3 entry in Steam (forgot which) you even get some decent controller profiles. The Best Indie Games To Play On The Steam Deck Home Lists The 15 Best Indie Games On Steam Deck By Alpay Dedezade Updated Jan 14, 2023 For when …. I have set VRAM at 4gb, increased page file, and swappiness at 1. Can confirm, it is all the best parts of snes era rpgs. Got it to work for one of my friends but for 2 others it just never worked and became more trouble than it was worth. So far, Slay the Spire is my #1 most Deck-friendly game that I've played thus far. Valve probably came up with it after the media buzz around lists of games that would work well. EmuDeck/RetroDeck - Apps that will set up emulators for you and give you a. Not all of the steam deck's control features but close enough to beat out all the first parties, and way cheaper and more durable than any elite controller. If OP pays for in flight wifi, it could work. Klondike Classic Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world. I have only played NFS Underground 2, Madden 07, and NCAA ‘11 so far, all have played great. I have them on Steam, and I have a laptop, but I also have a steam deck. When Steam Deck was announced there was no indication that it would ever have any official verification system. What are the best pokemon games on the deck through emu deck. Before the Deck came into my life, I was primarily a console gamer rocking a PS5. With the SSD screw removed, the SSD will pop up at a shallow angle. I guess I will just make a collection of games I want to play on Deck but don't reach my standards yet/haven't found a fix. Also Hades is a great game for a …. I've reviewed this list over the past few months, and I'm still confident that these 12. The desktop file installs everything; every time you add a ROM to the correct folders, run Steam ROM Manager from desktop mode, and it adds the games to your Steam library. It's more console-y than a laptop, because it has a "Great on Deck" section in Steam. Hitman Sniper Challenge 1-3fps. Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World are probably the best 2D Mario games and still hold up. Resident Evil (series) Mass Effect (2021 trilogy remaster) Fallout (series) Forza Horizon 5. Check with your financial institution. Hit the left-side STEAM button to open the quick menu. Is the Steam Deck's resolution (1280x800) a big negative for you?. 256GB NVMe SSD internal storage; Steam Deck is now shipping to the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. So like Back grip L4 + Menu/Start button. Many of the best and most popular MMOs are available through Steam. In practice, I haven’t yet had a game not work on steam deck for me, but ymmv. 99 - Downwell is a roguelike falling game. Elden Ring is a very popular action role-playing game, which has received rave reviews since releasing in February 2022. net (on which I play tons of D2R), is to install the original EGS launcher as a "non-Steam game" and go from there. Samsung (Best overall value) Sandisk Ultra (Best budget cards) Sandisk Extreme (Best performer) PNY (Solid overall) Lexar (Not recommended) Hey guys! We tested and compared 5 different micro sd cards for the steam deck. ) Tale of Two Wastelands (Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3 Merged) 2. Game that impresses the most in terms of graphics and playability. The 30 best Steam Deck games. The original GRID game ( also on offer ) is worth playing too, the later ones again I just didn't enjoy. 8Bitdo Ultimate C Wired Controller. Slightly older games work exceptionally well on the deck. In this case, Yakuza: Like a Dragon gets the. The game runs amazing on the steam deck and has native controls, it is steam deck verified. Really, the only games not running are anti cheat games, you can see them on areweanticheatyet. For an easy obvious one, how about The Secret of Monkey Island. These are some of the indie games played a fair bit of on the Deck without any trouble beyond maybe using Proton GE and/or making a custom controller layout - the ones marked with an asterisk are games I started and finished on the Deck alone: Paradise Killer*. Saying it supports "Xbox Game Pass" sounds like you can install games, but you cannot. Way more somewhere around 500:1, switch has lifetime sales of around 111 million and steam hardware survey puts steam decks at around 200k. Arcade: Devil Fish, AfterBurner 2, New Zealand Stort, Pipi+Bibi's, Pacmania, usual arcade suspects. The Steam Deck is a mobile, handheld PC as the Nintendo Switch is a mobile handheld console. The best Steam Deck games By Wes Fenlon, Katie Wickens last updated 8 August 2023 The games that you should play on Valve's gaming handheld in 2023. Ocarina (Basically Link to the Past but 3D and wonderful) Wind Waker (which I think is a sequel’ish to Ocarina) Breath of the Wild. Proton is a compatibility layer that lives within Steam, and it's been around for quite some time. Decky Loader (Steam Deck Homebrew): Decky Loader is a tool that allows the user to install custom made plugins that enhances & adds additional functionality from Animation Editor to adding a browser to your steam deck. Currently clocking in at around 75% mostly positive on Steam, the game is a very serious contender for Best RPG of the year. Released by Valve in 2022, the Steam Deck is a handheld gaming PC that is designed to play all sorts of video games on the go. Our choice for the best Steam Deck game that you can play right now in 2023 is Octopath Traveler 2, as its epic narrative, outstanding combat system, and stunning HD-2D visuals work perfectly on the portable PC. Edit 2: Some players reported that they've been playing Genshin on Linux (and disabling the anticheat) for some months …. Use per-game profiles to lock games as needed. Hey OP, here's a bunch I've tried chasing that 60fps high. It’s so good it’s top 3 on my list of roguelike games behind dead cells and tboi. Useful resources: Servor's Enhanced FAQ | Servor's Enhanced FAQ Thread (with more answers in the comments!) | Our Wiki Guides Page. With the 64GB verson of the Steam Deck, "Other" can quicky fill your internal SSD even if you only store Games on the SD card, this "Other" is …. The steam deck absolutely doesn't run switch games "as smooth as can be". Step 3) Open Filezilla in Windows, input the 4 blank spaces. I play EU4 and Victoria 2 on mine regularly, as well as a few WDS/John Tiller games, and a couple others from Matrix Games/Slitherine. Shift-Right Click in the folder and click "Open Command Window Here" or you can open CMD yourself and cd into this directory. You honestly cannot go wrong with Final Fantasy 14. Great racing game for short bursts. It has a good chance of becoming the best-selling console of all time, and is the best-selling console ever at this point in lifespan IIRC. I’ve been enjoying Project Highrise. Remote Play settings: Video set to Beautiful, Bandwidth Limit set to Auto, Framerate 120, Resolution Display Resolution. I would try a bunch if romhacks just because they're cool. It’s a completely different gameplay loop (it’s incredible) than other Zelda’s. I have seen many individual concerned whether they'll be able to play games from stores other than Steam on Steam Deck's Default OS, SteamOS. Oblivion (hopefully with some character model mods) Fallout 4 (again, 200 hours and haven't beaten it yet) The Need for Speed Franchise (Underground 1 and newer) Crysis franchise (haven't played it somehow) Dishonored Franchise (also haven't made it past the first quarter of the game somehow) Life is Strange 1 & 2. Should I buy Steam deck? : r/SteamDeck. Yes, you can play The Witcher on the Steam Deck, and it runs great. Black and White 2 are, in my humble opinion, the best 2D pokemon to date. Kingdoms and Castles - another chill builder, lots of options, great support by the devs. 0 all around—three Type-As and an added Type-C to boot—the Sabrent dock has the upper hand against the original $40/£35 Jsaux Steam Deck Dock with its (frankly superfluous in 2023. What I saw most of the time: - use Steam directly to install the launcher and the games. Fight Night Champion Runs at 20fps. I like gyro in junction with joysticks for aiming in fps games. When screen sharing an application like a web browser it is completely fine. It seems to be Xbox 360 buttons, which don't translate well to a Steam Deck. Using backbuttons for turboing or hold fire buttons, setting the dpad to also output analog movement and creating a separate l3 button makes a lot of the game mechanically smoother. GPU temps at 79-80C CPU temps at 82-83C. So steps: Mod the game on Windows. Steam is how you "engage" with the proton translation (from windows to linux graphics or sound commands) layer. Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Deck is the best portable version of the game and it is one of the best indies you can play on Switch. Mario Kart in some post-SNES form. A game of Solitaire is often ideal, because you don’t even need an opponent. Select Internet, then find Microsoft Edge (beta). initial setup of individual emulators, rommanager parsers etc is a bit of work, but once done adding new roms is so easy. Cyberpunk 2077 (at home I run it on my gaming pc and just stream to the deck, lovely) Binding of Isaac. Initially scored a 2, but using FSR and 540p resolution makes this perfectly playable. The Steam Deck will definitely be able to handle 60 FPS, plus the emulators make modding easy which is already a growing community for games like Super Smash Bros. Well, first you need to stream desktop, not them game, then just launch the game on the desktop as you normally would. Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world. Microsoft provides similar images in their how-to guide for setting up Xbox Game Streaming (linked above). This tactical roguelike deck-builder transports its players into a freezing cold land where they'll. Grim dawn is really good and you can get it for just a few bucks. and Literature Religion and Spirituality Science Tabletop Games Technology Travel. Runs perfect on Steam Deck, the only minor issue is that text is pixelated but very much readable (ironically kinda fits the games theme), highly recommended. Many many indies that never made it to switch or other consoles. ELDEN RING - probably the GOTY of 2022, should need little introduction! Teardown - smash stuff up, complete heists and enjoy yourself, then play this game. I'm not a fan of the NFS franchise since Underground 2. (Fast Micro SDs like Sandisk Extreme or some fast one from Samsung) -Anker 65W Power Bank -I even got a screen protector. Was wondering what games you all think are the "best" to play on the Deck? And I don't mean the best looking or strictly modern games. FF4 and 6 arguably are the best of the old school games. You have to set the key in the controller settings in the game of what you set it in discord and then it should work. Use the joystick to get in the ballpark and gyro for fine tuning. From here, go to Games > Add a Non-Steam Game to My Library. What's your best experience so far with a steam deck game?. you can set that to x on the chord layout so steam + x will bring up the keyboard. Community Build - Post your own list of settings for how you run your games on the Deck Community; Community Guide - Post your own guide on how you got something to work on the Steam Deck, like setting up GamePass streaming or getting Lutris up and running; Memes/Shitposting - Any memes or random deck/game-related random stuff you want to post. Download it thru Desktop mode thru the pre-installed Discover app store. " The screen really isn't a huge concern, in spite of what you may have heard. Probably not any built in easy way, but it is for sure possible with Linux, might be a bit hacky though. top 5 games you’ve played on the Deck?. im only listing games i own and that i like, im old so alot of these are nostalgia games ive repurchased on steam. Best coop games for steam deck? : r/SteamDeck. Maybe lower, I can't remember now lol. Daphne: All the Singe games and Space Ace. The Steam Deck is perfect for GameCube emulation! Handheld and Docked mode. Also, noticeable games that did not work (at least for me) are Cyberpunk 2077, Forza Horizon 5, Kingdom Come Deliverance, and Batman Arkham Asylym. SteamOS FSR it's absolutely normal (5fps would probably be average) because it's system-level upscaling. And a selection of games I dug up in addition to the ones mentioned in the comments: 5D Chess with Multiverse Time Travel (Though I imagine most chess games qualify) Frozen Synapse (the regular version, prime doesn't feature local multiplayer, for some reason). Select Heroic Games Launcher, then close Steam and double-click the Return. On a Windows Steam Deck, your tech support is mostly the Windows Steam Deck community and whatever size their population is. There's guide on this subreddit. Old school JRPG’s (FF, Chrono Cross, Mana series, Tales series). BoilR is a tool that says it can do this for you, importing the games into steam and adding the art. Spider-Man Remastered, runs and looks fantastic on the Deck!!. I'm getting real tempted now! Choc666 • 7 mo. Oh, my mistake! 5 hours seemed kind of long too. Running games from epic means that performance will be worse, you need to tinker all the time and epic can release an update that breaks the game on steam deck specifically at any point. Therefore new games may not appear for up to 6 hours. Alert me about competitions & deals. It’s a free multiplayer game that features online battles. Copy it to a file server (S)FTP or Windows Filesharing works. Display is not amazing but works fine. Midnight Suns - The literal definition of underrated. OG Doom/Doom II is surprisingly controller friendly, it even had SNES and GBA ports, and plays well. Lots of great answers here, I just wanted to add Metroid Dread and Link's Awakening to the mix. I bring up the save game menu with slots, select one of them and then tap to confirm I want to save… then it hangs for a bit and crashes out. Started solo, then assembled a team that completely transformed the game. Due to the size of the Steam Deck screen, 3rd person type games probably work well. Probably the best comparison so far. At the end of every month, Valve releases its list of the top Steam Deck games by overall hours played. Wildfrost is one of the best deck-building games on Steam with a vibrant design and a fun story. For each game, if you select it and hit the "tools" tab, you can add each game as a steam game. Embracing 30 fps has completely transformed the Steam Deck experience for me. Ultimate and Super Mario Odyssey. Dave the diver is literally the most played game on Steam Deck right now, according to Valve. Requires some leg work from the end user but imho it's the cleanest and most efficient way of organising your ROMs directly within Steam OS. It’s turned Goldeneye from laug. Steam Deck Top 100 Played Games. Bottles - Great app for installing non steam windows programs/games. Keep the internal drive as Steam OS, and use either an external drive or a seperate SD card for dual booting windows, I haven't done so myself, but if I would I would never overwrite the default OS. Here's some that run well: LittleBigPlanet ( CORRECTION kind of shoddy!) Resistance Fall of Man. Steam Deck compatibility statuses of games are updated instantly, without any delay. I'd personally rank 7 as the best, but it really depends on what you want. Always wanted to play those games, the whole usa gimmick looked neat. To transfer to yuzu, just right click a game in your yuzu library list and it …. Contact steam so you can get an extension until the matter is resolved or you have a running log of it happening at least. Steam Deck Now Supports Xbox Game Pass and Cloud Thanks To. but what are some games that you were either shocked they ran well, or maybe were a perfect fit for the deck? Could be older games that ran great and got amazing battery life, could be your favorite series and it works surprisingly. According to some google results, it's because windows stores localtime in the realtime clock (RTC)/CMOS clock, while linux stores UTC time. Best Verified / Playable multiplayer games? : r/SteamDeck. Run different operating systems such as Windows & Linux. I'm sure there are more but I also just got my steam deck 2 weeks ago and haven't bought …. Other non-steam games: Ship of Harkinian (Zelda Ocarina of Time PC Port that can run at 60fps, no texture mods yet though) Super Mario 64 (PC port of N64 Mario) with Render 96 mod. What games just run really well out of the box in Steam OS? I'm talking consistent 60fps. It has a lot more functions and capabilities than the switch. Best RPGs Playable on Steam Deck. I bought a Motospeed ck62 keyboard and it seems to work well enough. "Vast and beautiful open world to explore" is the primary reason people pick The Witcher 3 over the competition. Retro game corps youtube has more good info. Some examples of solitaire game types are Klondike, Forty Thieves and Freecell. best remote play experience : r/SteamDeck. All deck verified games displayed in order of most positively reviews pick up any of those that you fancy and get them. Of course, a game doesn't have to be Steam Deck verified for it to run on Asus ROG Ally, if you have that handheld. 4K is hurts frames quite a bit more. Wouldn't say they're worth playing on the deck you can play them on your phone and that's a more suitable enviorment for that imo. Then in the game you're playing open controller settings and set R5 again to "/" and it just works. You can then launch games through that launcher, and they'll run. Elden Ring The 10 Best Steam Deck Games From Grand Theft Auto 5 to Elden Ring, here are our picks for the best Steam Deck Games to play right now. On the windows version all the mirrors and reflective surfaces work perfectly, on the Linux version they're all glitched out still. Important detail: to run Genshin on Steam deck, people must disable the anti-cheat. Disable the the Deck’s global fps cap. Long dark: Runs really well, no complaints. ) Metroid Prime Trilogy (with Primehacks) 4. If you think it’s not an mmo that’s fine but the player voted tags on steam for destiny are mmorpg and massively multiplayer. 1- It deserves to be on the best 100 games list for the Steam Deck. I played DS2, FO3, and right now AC odyssey on my GPD win 3. Let's start with how you'll do that. What fighting games are folks playing? : r/SteamDeck. Hollow knight Spyro reignited trilogy The steam deck was made for indie and platformer games. Since 3DS has double screens, many games take unique advantages of this layout. Just recently got a steam deck. Top 3 based on the time I'm recently spending playing (and coming back to): - Diablo IV - Against the Storm - this is a fantasy, roguelite city-builder. With the recent agreements Microsoft is making to bring streaming to more devices and regions, it seems like a no brainer to reach an. (It reminds of my Switch OLED while playing Switch games on the Deck) Edit:. Dome keeper is a nice rogue like sorta game. What's the Best Steam Deck Dock : r/SteamDeck. Playing The Ascent currently, not on a particular sale but noticed on Stream that the game may be $29. Nope, download Microsoft edge in desktop mode and then YouTube game pass on steam deck. Yep, this hit me the other day as well. If you aren't able to get satisfaction from that? I'm afraid you may have a network situation over a "tech" situation. Steam Deck is more like a pick it up, play, put it away. Related Topics The exact same arguments for running games at low-med on the Steam Deck apply to the Switch for the rest of its cross platform library and exclusives. Good NSFW games on Deck? : r/SteamDeck. In this video, I reached out to the Steam Deck community on Reddit to get their recommendations for the best games to play during a 6+ hour plane ride. Just unnecessary confusion and clutter. The Witcher 3 is definitely one of the best Steam Deck Games of 2023. The monitor can also be powered directly from the Deck with just a single usb-c to usb-c cable and with the screen off when connected to an external display their isn't any noticeable additional power drain …. I just installed Windows 11 on my Steam Deck and it looks (and. Anyone got a PlayStation 5 and steam deck? : r/SteamDeck. You can do the same for any other app you'd want to run in Handheld mode as well. These games are each around 1GB or less and are either Verified or Playable on Steam Deck. Best accessories recommendations : r/SteamDeck. I reduced the number of playability statuses from the original post down to 5:. I've been having so much fun with it. I have MGS HD Collection and ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection on my deck, which both run perfectly fine. But, yes, adding the game EXE to Steam yourself manually allows for trouble free map usage and (at least on Desktop mode) allows for online play (after linking your Epic and Steam accounts via a pop-up window when launching the EGS version of Death Stranding directly through Steam). Ps: I’m gonna try the Logitech G Cloud for this, too, lol. Another option is a phone and razer kishi. Persona 5 Royal (via emulator, or wait for release) Persona 4 Golden. Hi u/flatlinedisaster, you can click here to search for your question. Related Topics Destiny 2 First-person shooter Shooter game Gaming comments sorted by If this is the case for just a few games every year, the Steam Deck already pays for itself. But the game that astonished me the most was Doom Eternal - works on high setting with constant 60 fps. Community Build - Post your own list of settings for how you run your games on the Deck Community; Community Guide - Post your own guide on how you got …. Diofield Chronicles is also a good choice for a new RPG. The game is pretty nice and it's more on the command and conquer side of rts with its basebuilding, but non the less pretty close to halo wars in terms of rts that is. steampowered comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment More posts from r/pcgaming subscribers. Me and my kid play cup head and castle crashers co-op together. Project cars 2 is good too, got a deep career mode where you can adjust the length of the races. By Steven Petite on August 12, 2022 at 12:24PM PDT. com, May-I? does not permit the reuse of jokers that have been melded. If you're a fan of the Devil May Cry series or hack-and-slash games, Devil May Cry 5 should be at the top of your must-play games on the Steam Deck. Except NFL Street 2 suffers slowdown on several of the maps, other than that it runs flawless. Hello there! This will be my first Reddit post. Linux is basically running all communication these days. This article is game changer for me. Steam gaming on Linux (Image credit: Source: Windows Central). Features: Kitted out with HDMI, three USB 3. YAZS is so damn fun I could seen it becoming a top 10 game for Steam Deck ever. Like every single guide it's step #2 after opening the deck. Until GC comes to the Switch this is the best we can get. The Best RPG Games For The Steam Deck. 4 12 Related Topics Steam Deck Steam Gaming. I've pretty much been exclusively a console guy since the late 90's. I’m probably going to try KH 1 and 2 this weekend, or whenever I get around to transferring them over. Guide :: Steam Deck Controller Guide. Steam Deck 64GB: Steam Deck 256GB: Steam Deck 512GB: $399 / £349: $529 / £459: $649 / £569: eMMC: NVMe: NVMe: Carrying case: Carrying case: Exclusive Carrying case: Exclusive Steam Community. I've seen people use a steam deck plug in thing that let's you drop the number of cores you are using. They've all been fantastic experiences on the Deck. The card game Spit is played by two players using a regular card deck. And personally I kinda feel like at that point, you are kinda partially defeating the point of AAA title. Runs good, looks good, tons of fun, especially in multiplayer. Best fps games for the steam deck? Looking for something fps to play through at work Related Topics …. No Discussions/Posts of Illegal or Pirated Content. It might be best for you to watch videos on it and see if it's something that would interest you. Host is the IP address you're connecting to. All are designed for and heavily skewed toward K+M, but work well enough with the SD’s controls to be enjoyable. When I first power up the dock, both the Deck and the external display is on. Play all your retro games on the Steam Deck We take care of everything, RetroArch Configuration, Bezels, Gamepad Configuration for Gamecube, Wii, etc. No Man's Sky (though a bit unstable with the FPS) Dark Souls 3. Aperture Desk Job - free game! Made by Valve at launch of the Deck. You can launch Steam Link and in the settings you can change the default view to your desktop if you wish. It's as simple as dropping the. Just be sure to use the Steam version I would say. Best Bang For Your Buck Games For Steam Deck. I left everything else to default. ProtonDB is a good resource for this. Restarted and after 10 mins it happened again. The best Metroidvania games on Steam Deck : r/metroidvania. Lol oh yeah my bad this was six months ago. Best Zombie games on Steam Deck? : r/SteamDeck. With the hardware the deck will run GameCube better. Them's Fightin' Herds (2d but some parts of the background and stages are 3d made to look 2d) Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the rest of the older Deus Ex games. Unfortunately, I need that text there that proceeds what you enter, and I don’t. What games do *you* play on your steam deck? : r/SteamDeck. Having it on causes a stutter every couple seconds when streaming. Risk of Rain 2 on Steam Deck is the best portable version of the game and it gets updates before all consoles thanks to it being the Steam version which also has the excellent new DLC. if you do not see your Deck, you can manually add by selecting Other Computer. In SteamOS it was great being able to use the controller for everything, just like a console, being able to switch games, go to the menu and change settings etc. Best games to play on steam deck? : r/SteamDeck. I've begun another playthrough of borderlands and I'm probably gonna play Horizon Zero Dawn. Limit to 5W using TDP limiter to extend battery life from 3 hours to 4 hours. This will bring you to a bios screen, where you can choose to boot from the sd card. In the end both Lutris and Heroic just launch the game through Wine - so they should be the same, except for the potential EGS overhead you have from. Persona 5 God of War Portal 2 Marvel's Spider-Man No Man's Sky Stray Uncharted Collection I've reviewed this list over the past few months, and I'm still confident that these 12 picks are my top. games work perfect on the Stream Deck?. Along with being equipped with the processing power to play games at a satisfying visual fidelity, its controls include not only those found on a standard gamepad but also has a gyro, two trackpads, four grip …. Spider-Man is the most fun no matter how repititive it is or how ugly it is on Steam Deck. I ported my puzzle game to run natively on Linux & Steam Deck! (unreleased but has demo, testing is much appreciated!) Recently i asked the game devs from Nixxes Insomniac for …. Hey, I am looking for the best free games on the steam deck! Please drop your recommendations Related Topics Steam Deck Steam Gaming comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment AutoModerator • Hey Reddit, glad to see you back, here is my Galaxy Steam Deck. I’m also thinking about getting Crusader Kings 3. They are the Reason why i now have to Install Windows on my Deck^^. Even my PC has difficulty in running some of the fresh AAA games. ESO on the Steam Deck : r/elderscrollsonline. Falls short if you need to use steam sync to move saves between your pc and deck. Capcom 3, and Street Fighter X Tekken (required some tricks to disable gfwl) terran1212 • 2 yr. Lutris is already in the Steam Decks "Discover" flatpak software store. So for a worthwhile experience, which means the 512GB £569 model is the only way forward. The Nintendo Switch is the most obvious and readily available Steam Deck alternative. Already played it, I might play it again just to see how the deck deals with it. This thread is archived If Valve says a game works on the Steam Deck, it has more weight than a handful of linux enthusiasts saying it should work. What I did to make the aspect ratio correct for the Nreal Air SBS resolution, was to double the horizontal values based on the 1920x1080 template, as well as altering the start position on the "custom_top_left" and the "custom_bottom_left". I'm playing turn based games on my Steam Deck for the most of time. I have a wicked gaming PC, a work laptop and a play laptop. The best I could find is the Ryzen 5 2400G: 4c/8t Zen 1 (NOT zen 2, so less IPC than steam Deck's APU) 3. I work a lot and have a toddler to occupy me when I'm not working. The Steam Deck is far less portable, 50% heavier than the Switch, shorter battery life (1. What games are ABSOLUTELY perfect for the SteamDeck? : r/SteamDeck. 5-7 hours depending on what game you're playing, vs 5-9 hours on Switch), more expensive ($380 CAD vs $500 CAD for lowest config), and perhaps most importantly not readily available. The game appears to be heavily CPU bound on the deck, with the main thread running at 90%+ utilization and that core pegged at 3. Yes, Cyberpunk 2077, one of the most demanding AAA games released in the PC space in recent years, is totally playable on the Steam Deck. Both work great with one person controlling the deck, and the other using an Xbox controller connected via Bluetooth. If anyone is curious as to how Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion runs on Steam Deck then check out my early access stream. Youtube reviews are nice and all but I want to know what the …. Find the best Steam games you can install & play right now on your device. Fallout 76 playable on Steam Deck. Steam deck has given me all the Nintendo switch and pre switch games for free in mobile form without buying an overpriced kids toy like the switch. Checked Moonlight's settings on Deck and it's on 60fps by default. [TDA03] Muv-Luv Unlimited: The Day After — Episode 03 Remastered. The Witcher 3, Divinity: Original Sin II, and Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age are probably your best bets out of the 75 options considered. I use a Wii U pro controller, it's very underrated IMO. The House of the Dead Overkill Runs at 30fps. it's fun for about a single playthrough (especially with some friends) but IMO that game has 0 replay value. The possibility to play AAA with high details and stable 60 FPS and long battery life is amazing. While testing the Steam Deck in docked play, a number of technical issues popped up that really dampened the experience, even. 1 actually shouldn't have more than 5fps and will make a huge difference in the quality. I don't much care for it, but I know it has good controller support. arcade love , (its a arcade game) nippon marathon , (a party type game) spirit sphere , (party and arcade type) Phoenix Wright Ace attorney Trilogy. alright, maybe be a little more realistic. Steam Deck and Switch emulation : r/yuzu. -512GB Micro SD for Steam Games and 256GB Micro SD for Switch Games. Only one from me as it’s the only one I’ve managed to finish on the deck but I’d say Rise of the Tomb Raider. Now if you also factor in the better screen you saved nothing at all. For demanding games like Uncharted, I only emulate them on my main PC. Best JRPGs for Steam Deck : r/JRPG. You can run the game at medium settings and get around 30fps. Switch games that run great on the Steam Deck. And it SHOULD run without issue. I've never been one for high-end, cutting-edge graphics, so I'd frequently choose performance mode and choose a buttery smooth 60 FPS over say, ray. There is a problem with it, though, as SWICD doesn't always activate when booting into Windows. Valve Steam Deck (64 GB) Valve's Steam Deck is a powerful handheld system with support for thousands of games. It is a lot of fun and runs perfectly. Yes, either the non-repacked one or someone like DODI. There are currently plenty of Switch games I’ve ran near flawlessly at 4K 60 FPS on my PC, while others not so much but I definitely believe Steam. Especially for the price point. Best free games for Steam Deck right now? : r/SteamDeck. Best fps games for the steam deck? Looking for something fps to play through at work Related Topics Steam Deck Steam Gaming comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Taking a Look at Red Dead Redemption 2 on Steam Deck and the best Settings for 40 FPS and 30 FPS gameplay. xbox game pass on steam deck? : r/XboxGamePass. We compared read and write speeds, loading times between the cards and the emmc storage, as well as the gb per dollar value. As far as I know Fable 2 emulation isn't that good at this point : ( full of a lot of errors/glitches. Actually i do think this will hold the Steam Deck back because the largest demographic that wants a steam deck is to play mainstream AAA games and the largest subset of those games are online FPS.